Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Insincere Prayers

A Strange Way to Save the World?

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways, My ways,” declares the LORD. – Isaiah 55:8


This morning the children of our church acted out a nativity scene as part of their Christmas play.  As the little actor playing Joseph stood looking at the baby Jesus in a manger, he sang the following words from the 4Him song, Strange Way to Save the World:


“Now I’m not one to second guess what angels have to say

But this is such a strange way … to save the world.”


I wonder if the real Mary and Joseph had similar thoughts as they looked down at their newborn baby more than 2000 years ago.  When I think of all the ways that God, the Creator of the universe could have chosen to redeem mankind, my college-educated brain is in awe of the method God chose to redeem mankind from the consequences of sin.  If I had been given the responsibility of solving the problem, I would have brought Jesus to earth as an adult man, foregoing childhood and puberty!  


How many times in our own lives do we question God’s methods for molding the clay of our character into the shape He needs for His use?  Yet, when we question God, could we possibly come up with better solutions than His?   Obviously, our intellect and perspective on the world is no match for the likes of God.   As the bible says, our thoughts are not our thoughts and our ways are not His ways.   We can trust God’s plan for our lives.


I’m glad that God’s ways and thoughts are different than mine.  Most of all, I’m glad He cares enough about me to make sure that I become exactly who He needs me to be to do the work He has prepared for me to do.   From my perspective, using someone like me to change my world is also a little strange.  I’m sure glad God is doing all the planning.


For further thought:


1)      What trial are you currently going through?

2)      What is God trying to teach you through this trial?

3)      How can God use this situation for His glory, both in the present and future?