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Random Thoughts from a Walk in the Park

And God saw all that He had made, and behold it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day. - Genesis 1:31

I've heard it said that all things in the physical world represent something spiritual. Everything can be made into a metaphor. I went for a walk earlier today on this beautiful fall day and pondered a lot of things, one of which was what to write for this blog.

The topic I came up with was more of a collection of random thoughts than anything, each one inspired by something I saw and each worthy of its own blog post. God's creation is definitely good for a lot of things! 

1. The caterpillars are out. Soon they will be in their cocoons, transforming into butterflies.

This is the time for many people and organizations for setting goals and preparing for the upcoming year. Nature follows this pattern as well as in the fall the "old" dies to make way for the new. Leaves fall, caterpillars morph, grass goes dormant. 

What one thing, if implemented in your life over the next 6 months would make the most impact on your life? 

2. We see butterflies wander, eagles soar and flowers bloom and we marvel at the beauty of it all.

Do we also marvel at the "suffering" and hard work required over weeks and months that brought the beauty to fruition? The change process is tough and not seen by most. Butterflies morph from crawling caterpillars. Eagles aren't born flying. Flowers culminate from a seed buried in the earth.

Are you going through a transformation and getting tired of the process? Be patient with yourself and endure to the end. Soon you will soar.

3. God must have known how much we would enjoy the splashes of color on once green tree leaves and the richness of a blue sky on a clear day.

If the fall color was ever present, would we still appreciate its splendor? If it was never cloudy would we appreciate the clear blue sky?

Sometimes things are taken away from us so we appreciate what he had. What are you thankful for today? Thank God for that gift. If you are thankful for a person, let them know they are appreciated today. Good things don't last forever here on earth.

I too, can say that what God creates is very good.  What can you add to my list? Add it to the comments below!