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Friendship Day

Greater love has no man than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. - John 15:13 NKJV

Friends are a gift from God and should be cherished, celebrated, and never taken for granted. My friend Patti Ann says this about friendship in her recent post entitled "Happy Friendship Day":

I personally believe that friends are God’s way of taking care of us.  God not only directs the steps on our journey of faith, but He also places people in our lives at specific times to touch our lives or for us to touch theirs.  Each person has a story - life experiences no one else can claim.  From these things we learn what we could not from any other person.  Our lives are enriched by those we keep close to us.  Some remain a lifetime, some only for a short while for the purposes God intends.

True friends know your faults but love you anyway.  I used to think that we chose our friends for who they are – I found out we actually love them because they accept and support who we are.

"Friendship Day" was a "holiday" I had never heard of, but will gladly pass along to you, my faithful readers.  True friends, are indeed those who love us no matter what. Please take some time to day to stop by Patti Ann's blog and read the entire post, complete with some biblical references and a friendship prayer. You'll be glad you did.


Dear Lord, I thank you for Your friendship most of all, because in spite of who I am, You have never left my side. Thank you for the friends you've put in my life --new or old, near, distant or "estranged". Please let my friends know how much I care about them, even though we may not see or communicate as much as I'd like. Help me to learn from them, support them, and never take them for granted, for they are gifts from You to mold me into the person you want me to become. Amen.