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  Greetings! Robin at the Heart of Wisdom Blog has graciously awarded me with the "Blogging With a Purpose" award.  Thank you, Robin!

The rules of the award request that recipients of the award give the award to five more bloggers who have not yet received the award who blog with a purpose.  This was a very difficult thing to do for me, since a few of the bloggers I would select have already been awarded the award.  However, I did manage to find some other worthy recipients.  Here goes!

  1. Lynn & Dineen @ Spiritually Unequal Marriage - These ladies have a purpose in sharing how they have survived in spiritually mismatched marriages.  You will see by their writings how much they care.
  2. Danielle @ The Bipolar Diaries - Danielle shares her personal successes and struggles as she lives with bipolar disorder.  This blog is a good resource for those affected by the disorder.  I love her spirit.
  3. Sara @ Stones of Remembrance - If you feel like a dose of encouragement through the deeper meanings of some spiritual songs, stop by Sara's blog.  She is very purposeful in sharing how a believer can become an overcomer through the power of God & His word.
  4. Deborah @ Health Meditations - Deborah is an M.D. who does an excellent job with giving practical health tips with the added bonus of spiritual nourishment as well.  A must read.
  5. The Ladies @ Faith Lifts - This blog, an extension of 5 Minutes for Mom, is an excellent devotional.  It brings an added tool to help moms live our their faith and "survive" the busyness of motherhood.

That's all!  Please take some time to visit these outstanding purposeful blogs!

Living with a Purpose,



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