Our country's financial markets are in a mess and many investors are living in fear about what might become of their retirement dollars.  We are definitely in uncharted waters with respect to our economic times.  The government has attempted to correct the problem with an unprecedented bailout plan.

However, there is something we should fear more than the economic instability of today.  Fortunately for this fear, there is a tried and true solution.  Check out Sharon's post Bailout, over at Truth Talks for more insights. 

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What Does the Bible Say About Suicide?

Suicide is a bigger killer across the the United States than homicide, yet it gets little attention.  In addition, there are also many popular assumptions about that fate of the victim that are contrary to the truth of scripture. 

Check out my post "Suicide and the Bible" over at Truth Talks to discover how you can provide hope to those who mourn because of the tragedy of suicide.

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Politics and Christianity

Our Christian worldview should affect everything we do, including how we vote.  How do you determine who you vote for?  Do you follow family tradition as many do, or do you sift through the issues for yourself, comparing your candidates views on various issues to what the bible says regarding those issues? 

The past few posts at Truth Talks, discuss these issues and present some pertinent information to equip Christians at the polls:

Wise Advice About Politics - by Sharon Houk, addresses where the two major parties really stand on Homosexuality and Abortion.

The Biblical View on Abortion - by Janna Rust, equips the Christian as to what God says about abortion. 

Hope to see you there...and if you have any topics you'd love to see addressed there, please feel free to comment or email me and let me know.

New Age, Same Old Story

Since the beginning of time, the great Deceiver, Satan, has been working hard to mess up God's plan for mankind with his subtle lies, disguised as truth. 

  • How has Satan's thread of lies been woven into society over the ages?
  • Where do you find "new age" thinking in churches today?
  • What should we be on the alert for?

For the answer to these questions, check out the post "Becoming Like God, Without Him" over at Truth Talks.  Sharon Houk does not disappoint and has included some "bonus" material.  Hope to see you there!

Truth, Reality, Love & Wisdom

In order to further equip you in your faith, each week here at Bread Crumbs I will share the latest posts over at my other blog, Truth Talks.  Check out the latest posts for answers to the following:

Do you know how to explain to someone how truth and reality are equivalent to God's Word? 

Have you ever had trouble explaining God's love as universal?  What does that mean exactly?

Where do we find wisdom anyway?

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Evaluating Your Worldview

Have you ever heard the term "Christian Worldview"?  Do you ever wonder what that is or if you really have one? 

If you are unsure about all of this "worldview" stuff, head over to my other blog, "Truth Talks" to discover what it means to have a Christian Worldview and to take a test to determine how biblically you really view the world.  You might be surprised at your results.

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